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Senior Secondary level (Class XII) in the senior secondary / intermediate certificate course those who have completed 16 years of age as on 1st August of the year in which admission is sought for after qualifying in the entrance test prescribed to pursue senior/ higher secondary courses under the open distance learning mode.

Dual Enrollment & Part Admission

Under this provision, if you are studying in a regular school, or have already passed Secondary/ Senior Secondary examination or any other higher education from any recognized Board, you may opt for up to four subjects of your choice, to update knowledge and educational qualifications. However, on passing, only the Mark sheet will be issued and no other certificate will be issued.


On-Demand Examination System

On-Demand Examination System  Registration for next month is opened on first working day of every month.  The change of Subject/Additional subject applied for October Public Exam will be reflected in ODES after October Public Exam and similarly applied for April Public Exam will be reflected in ODES after April Public Exam.  There will be no On-Demand Examination during the month of April, May, October and November. Maharashtra State Open Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education has been working on the concept of On-Demand Examination (ODE) at Secondary Level in the area of its feasibility and operationalization. The novel concept of ODE is a great step in the direction of flexibility to the open and distance learning. This will make the total system of examination independent of the time frame and will help the student to take up the examinations as per their wish and preparation. The basic concept of On Demand Examination is that MSOB Student can walk into the examination center as and when he/she feels ready for the examination. MSOB re-introduced the ODES at Secondary level. With the success of ODE at Secondary level, MSOB started the On-Demand Examination in Sr. Secondary Level. At present, ODES is being conducted at MSOB PUNE and at its Regional Centres/Sub Centres of MSOB in the following subjects at Secondary and Sr. Secondary level. Secondary:  Hindi (002)  English (184)  Marathi (009)  Arabic (016)  Assamese (014)  Bengali (005)  Gujrati (010)  Japanese (094)  Kannada (015)  Malayalam (012)  Manipur (009)  Odia (013)  Persian (023)  Russian (021)  Sanskrit (122)  Mathematics (100)  Science & Technology (092)  Social Science (087)  Economics (089)  Science (102)  Home Science (064)  Data Entry (096)  Psychology (090)  Sociology (091)  Painting (049)  Environmental Science (088)  Indian Culture & Heritage (093)  Life Science (094)  Physical Science (095)  Education (097)  Music (098) Senior Secondary:  Hindi (301)  English (001)  Marathi (109)  Arabic (016)  Assamese (114)  Bengali (105)  Gujrati (110)  French (118)  Kannada (115)  Malayalam (112)  Manipuri (111)  Odia (113)  Persian (123)  Punjabi (104)  Russian (121)  Sanskrit Core (322)  Sanskrit Elective (022)  Sindhi (108)  Spanish (196)  Telugu (107)  Telugu Telangan State (108)  Tamil (106)  Urdu Core (303)  Urdu Elective (003)  Mathematics (041)  Physics (150)  Chemistry (151)  Biology (041)  History (027)  Geography (068)  Political Science (028)  Economics (057)  Business Studies (056)  Accountancy (055)  Home Science (064)  Psychology (038)  Sociology (039)  Indian Culture & Heritage (084)  Fashion Studies (053)  Music (098)  Physical Science (095)  Data Entry (096)  Multimedia & Web Technology (053)  Computer Science (083)  Hindi (302) Medium of Question Paper: The Question Paper will be in English and Hindi Medium Only, However the Regional Medium Candidates want to appear through the On Demand Examination will have a choice of Answering the Question Paper in the respective Regional Medium and no Regional Medium Question Paper will be provided in On Demand Examination. Features: A set of Question Paper is generated randomly by the computer out of already developed Question Bank based on the blue print and paper design of the subject as and when demanded. All such generated Question Papers are different with same difficulty level. For this a huge database of items based on the blue print and question paper design has been developed A number of items having comparable difficulty level are developed for each activated/marked cells of the blue print. These questions covered in the item bank test learning objectives under knowledge, understanding, application and skill competencies of a Student. For identification, all these items are given a code indicating the subject, the content area to which the item belong, the objective being tested, the type of question, the marks allocated to the item and the serial number of the item. Advantages: Advantages of ODES can be stated as follows:  Allows the Student to get assessed when he/ she is ready. Readiness depends on the Student and not on the institution.  Attempts to remove the stress of appearing in examination(s), whether for all subjects or in one subject at a fixed time and schedule.  Attempts to remove the threat of failure in examination.  Removes frustration, loss of self esteem, peer group ridicule, depression etc.  Knowledge of results is almost immediate and success, even in one subject, is a strong motivating factor.  Degree and level of performance is decided by the Student who can reappear in the examination as many times as one wants, till satisfied.  Malpractices will be reduced, as it is a system where the tools for evaluation are unique to an individual Student. Every question paper for each Student is different having comparable difficulty level.  Respects the individuality and sovereignty of each Student. Result & Certification: Every Month through MSOB web site www.msobshse.com for the ODE conducted during last month.  After due processing the ODES result will be declared and published through MSOB web site during last week of every month for the examinations conducted during the preceded month.  The mark sheet and other documents will be printed only for overall pass candidates by M&M unit and will be sent to the concerned Regional Centre for dispatch to the individual candidate.  For the purpose of Mark Sheets and certification, all the candidates appearing during May till October will be considered under April Examination of that year. And all the candidates appearing during November till April will be consider under proceeding October Examination.  "Re-Checking" or "Re-Evaluation" as per MSOB examination norms is allowed in case of ODES also. The candidate may apply to Director (Evaluation) for this on the prescribed Performa available on the MSOB web site along with requisite fees mentioned in the Performa.